About Us​​

AgScan’s primary business​ is pregnancy detection and foetal numbering in sheep and cows using the most up-to-date

ultrasound equipment available. 

​​Company history

AgScan started life in 1997 as Wilson & Associates Scanning Ltd. This was a partnership formed between the

agricultural consultancy Wilson & Associates Ltd and Carl Williams. Wilson & Associates was responsible for all office

related work with Carl being responsible for all technical and operational duties.

In 2000 Carl brought Wilson & Associates share of the business and changed the name to AgScan Ltd.

Our Team

 Carl Williams 

Carl has been working in both the Dairy and Sheep/Beef industries since leaving school in 1976.

Carl lived in Denmark with his wife Jette (pronounced “Yetta”) from 1987 until 1996.

It was in Denmark where Carl started his scanning career. After travelling to England in 1993 to learn how to scan, Carl set up a scanning service that operates in Sweden and New Zealand.

Roger Ireland

Roger has been involved in farming all his life.

Roger started scanning with Agscan in 1997. Roger is a competent technician who can be relied on to live up to your expectations as a professional in the scanning industry.


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